Accredited Laboratory and Quality Control Unit

Accredited Laboratory and Quality Control Unit
This is one of the most comprehensive and extensively equipped specialized kaolin laboratories in the Middle East. The work and administration of elite experts has facilitated the execution of various experiments and technical investigations such as:

-  Measurement of Particle Size Distribution
-  Measurement of alkalinity in K2O and Na2O using Atomic Absorption
-  Determination of the size of Aluminum and Silicon Oxides in products
-  Determination of whiteness and yellowness in accordance with the standard
- Determination of physical indicators such as plasticity and M.O.R water absorption at various temperatures and others.
This Unit is constantly seeking products in order to retain indicators and their characteristics, maintains quality control and supervision over the products during application , as well as continuous control before dispatch.

Head Office:


28, FELESTIN 14th St, Mashhad, Iran.

Sales dept. (direct): (+9851)37610398

TEL: (+9851)52236001-2

TEL: (+9851)37673034-5

FAX: (+9851)52236002

FAX : (+9851)37624885

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